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Skype 32x32 Skype Download

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License: Freeware
Last updated: 2014-10-30
File size: 1.48 MB

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Publisher description for Skype

Skype. Everyone knows Skype. Skype has the best name recognition all over the world and is by far the most used tool for instant messaging and VOIP app. Connects you to any calling device, landlines, mobiles, or whatever. You will pay for these capabilities but Skype is very competitive with its subscription services, premiums and credit programs. Though set upon the world in 2003, Skype now accounts for more than 33 percent of all international calls globally. That is more than 1 out of 3. It use peer to peer protocols (P2P) and hooks into any known device that can receive and send voice calls. Skype’s voice quality is excellent even though it does depend on the device’s power and where the callers are. You can retain call history, you can conference call, and you can send and receive files. There is some concern with the amount of bandwidth Skype uses and its security. Skype is easy to set up. It guides through all of the steps needed to download, install, and generate a user profile with a Skype name that is unique. It is one of the amusing points with Skype that getting to a Skype name that is unique can be one of the more difficult aspects of Skype simply because there are so many people already using it. Skype does employ the best in security that can be used, securing your calls and your file transfers and your chats via IM. You can search for contacts by name, Skype name (easiest) and other criteria in the profiles. Skype works in Windows and Mac environments. Finding an installation site is very quick and easy to use. Skype has very organized screen displays that makes your calling experiences nice and simple. Your profile updating is simple, easy, and clean. Skype is also one of the most reliable systems in use over the internet, with its uptime being some of the best worldwide. Microsoft has moved to Skype to replace MS Live Messenger for Windows, further proof of how well liked and favorable industry views Skype. If you have an older, slower machine you can experience delays or interruptions in Skype service. Skype has a contact directory for your personal, selected contacts, as well as its global collection of potential contacts. You will be amazed at how quickly your contacting will be and how clear your connections will be. It is the strength of Skype. Looking at its other features such as IM, you have very little impact possible other than text delay with a slow machine or poor connection. Skype gives you a quality monitor so that you can see how strong your connection is. It gives you detailed info so that if you do have an issue you can quickly determine what the best course of action is to resolve the condition. Skype even provides a list to the 10 best alternatives to Skype for you to try.

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