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Sandboxie 4.16 32x32 Sandboxie 4.16 Download

Downloads: 135238
Op. System:
License: Freeware
Last updated: 2015-02-23
File size: 6.66 MB

Sandboxie 4.16 screenshot Sandboxie 4.16 screenshot Sandboxie 4.16 screenshot

Publisher description for Sandboxie 4.16

Sandboxie is a runtime isolation routine / app that carves out an isolated run area for your run time programs. This prevents any rogue app that gets onto your machine, or maybe is already on your machine, from taking over or ruining any of your data assets. Sandboxie essentially traps the offending software to await your summary elimination. Sandboxie starts with your web browser and all of the little things that your browser generates: history, cookies, temp files in cache or in storage remain in the isolation run area. When you read email, any threat that activates stays in the isolated run area. Whenever you install a new app Sandboxie does it instead of your Win op system, saving it from anything bad by putting into the isolated run area. Once you assure yourself of the cleanliness of an app or site, you can then decide to run outside of Sandboxie, if you wish. But, with continued protection in Sandboxie, why would you want to?

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