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Process Explorer 16.05 32x32 Process Explorer 16.05 Download

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License: Freeware
Last updated: 2015-03-11
File size: 1.07 MB

Process Explorer 16.05 screenshot Process Explorer 16.05 screenshot Process Explorer 16.05 screenshot

Publisher description for Process Explorer 16.05

Process Explorer displays all the information you need or want around the DLLs and Handles processes you have loaded or opened. It gives you two windows / sub windows. The window on the top displays the current active processes to you in a list format. It shows the owning account by name. In contrast, the window on the bottom is a mode variant display. If you have selected “handles” then what you see is the corresponding handles to the process you are seeing in the window on top. If you have selected DLL mode, you see memory mapped files by names and the DLLs tied to it that are loaded. Search for a particular DLL or handle this tool will find it for you. If you have problems / issues / warnings you can hunt down versioning or memory leaks in the DLLs and handles active. You get a superb view on how Win apps and processes work.

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