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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 32x32 Kaspersky Anti-Virus Download

Downloads: 75423
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License: Commercial Trial
Last updated: 2015-02-13
File size: 186.11 MB

Kaspersky Anti-Virus screenshot Kaspersky Anti-Virus screenshot Kaspersky Anti-Virus screenshot

Publisher description for Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky anti-virus has an interesting trait and capability. It recognizes stealthy, ninja-like malware threats, especially if they are phishing exercises or malware site embedding threats. These are the types of threats that get into your system and files / email, establish themselves, start stealing your information, and you do not know it! Kaspersky, the app, will notify Kaspersky’ Security Network that it uncovered a previously unknown / unidentified / undiscovered threat. Kaspersky lists a user base of over 250 million user globally and all benefit from the prevented experiences of ever evolving malware threats. Kaspersky scans every data container you view pre-touch for threats in an effort to prevent your walking into the threat by activating a link. Kaspersky is a conservative when it comes to threats – it will shut down a tab or file tree display or web page to prevent your inadvertent bad choice and continue into a threat.

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