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Ant Movie Catalog 32x32 Ant Movie Catalog Download

Downloads: 17243
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License: Open Source
Last updated: 2015-04-08
File size: 5.11 MB

Ant Movie Catalog screenshot Ant Movie Catalog screenshot Ant Movie Catalog screenshot

Publisher description for Ant Movie Catalog

Ant Movie Catalog is a free app that has been designed to easily and efficiently manage your collection of movies on DVD, CD/Video CD, DivX etc. The app's interface is easy to work with; you have main functions and buttons at the top, a list of your movies (thumbnail or text) on the left pane and on the right pane is info about your movies. This pane is customizable, so you can include as little or as much info info as you need. You can input this either manually or automatically via a script from sources such as IMDB. Simply select the script, enter the name of your movie and and Ant Movie Catalog will import that data for you. Key Features Include: -Simple installation process. -Script support for movie information. -Keep track of the movies you loaned to others. -Simplified user interface. -Support for multiple languages. -Multiple icon set support. Ant Movie Catalog also allows you to import your existing collection, and if you want to save your catalog, you can export it as well. The app has a really cool feature that allows you keep track of which movies you have loaned out. There are also other tools, such as the random selection tool; this will randomly pick a movie from your collection for you to watch. Overall, Ant Movie Catalog is a simple and easy to use app with many features that will allow you to catalog all your video content.

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