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Computers software downloads

CCNA Exam Simulator 6
CCNA certification is very important, yet it can be quite challenging. You need to be well-prepared in order to sit for the certification exam and pass well. This is why you should not ignore CCNA Exam Simulator, which will give you relevant study

Play Guitar 2
If you are interested in playing the guitar, 'Play Guitar' will show you all the ropes, taking you from a complete novice to a seasoned guitar player.

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CwType morse terminal 2.20
The terminal program for CW-operators (amateur radio). You can transmit both from the keyboard and from the paddle connected to a joystick or LPT connector. While operating in paddle iambic mode sending (the memory of a unit of the symbol) is

Advanced Speed Typing 2.92
Advanced Speed Typing uses animated hands to teach the location of the keys. It contains new and unique features to help experienced typists in gaining fast speed and require a Pentium or faster computer with a 800x600x16bit or better capable

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Aisle-by-Aisle Grocery List Software online version
aisle-by-aisle grocery list software simplifies day-to-day shopping chore's recipes, coupons, and meal planning.

Grade Tracker Pro 3.5
If you would like to be more effective while you save time, all you need is Grade Tracker Pro.

Free and Easy Biorhythm Calculator 3.02
Biorhythm calculator is a powerful, easy-to-use application that is used for making personal forecasts.

Letter Chase Typing Tutor 5.4
Letter Chase Typing Tutor let you learn typing with visual method. It has advanced features that even the experience typist can speed up his typing even more. This typing tutor can work with Pentium or later computers having 16 bit color minimum.

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BibleTime 2.9.1
BibleTime is a completely free Bible study program. The program's user interface is built with Qt framework, which makes it run on several operating systems including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and Mac OS X. The software uses the SWORD programming

Prime95 26.5 Build 1
Prime95 is a program designed to be used to find Mersenne Prime numbers. Mersenne numbers can be proved composite (not prime) by either finding a factor or by running a Lucas-Lehmer primality test. Prime numbers have long fascinated amateur and

Graphmatica 2.0g
This easy to use equation plotter contains both numerical and calculus features. The included features are it supports Graph Cartesian functions, relations, and inequalities, plus polar, parametric, and ordinary differential equations; it displays

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BOINC 7.0.28
BOINC is a software platform for volunteer computing and desktop Grid computing. Its features include: Project autonomy Many projects use BOINC. Projects are independent; each one operates its own servers and databases. There is no central

GSA Image Analyser 4.0.8
The GSA Image Analyser is a program for the scientific evaluation of 2D images (image analysis).

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Collection Studio 3.63
CollectionStudio is a program which tracks your collectibles (coins, banknotes, stamps, posters, books) and shows the whole or partial collection with different points of view.

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Earth Alerts 2013.2.32
Earth Alerts is a Windows-based application that allows you to monitor in near real-time a variety of natural hazard events that are occurring anywhere around the world.

My Family Tree
My Family Tree is our genealogy product aimed at both the novice and advanced family historian.

DualClip Translator 1.7 Beta
DualClip Translator provides translation of selected text or clipboard contents, with Google Translator.

Lingoversity is specifically designed to increase your vocabulary in an effective and friendly way.

FlipFlop 3.1.1
FlipFlop is a game similar to Othello with additional features: - A study feature enables you to train different topics by playing FLIPFLOP: You may load a question file into the game board.

RadicalCodex 1.5.1
RadicalCodex allows you to read and organize an eBook and digital Comic Book. It supports CBR, CBZ, ZIP and RAR and includes automatic bookmarking. Its major features are it has highly customizable look and also has ability to set any page as your