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Classic Shell 3.2
Classic Shell 3.2is launched to be a convenient as well as professional collection of features that were available in older versions of Windows but are removed from Vista and Windows 7. It has a classic start menu for Windows 7, it adds a toolbar for

MaxiVista 5.3
MaxiVista turns any spare PC into a dual monitor for your primary computer. No extra multi monitor hardware is required. Simply extend program windows across multiple screens as if it were one big monitor. The software KVM also allows yoo to

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Pic-a-POD 1.2.12
Randomly change the picture at set intervals Randomly change the picture at set intervals Pic-a-POD downloads a picture of the day from up to three different collections and sets your desktop picture.

Showroom 1.0.09
Showroom is an advanced way of changing your desktop's background. You can set it once or establish a simple or complex cycle in which the program will randomly choose a picture from a given directory, subdirectories optional. This cycle can have

Window On Top 1.2
Window on Top can be used to make any application topmost,that is to keep it above all other windows.

Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.2.4
New Vista Sidebar V 3.2 has gadgets like weather, media players, Calculators, system uptime, Sticky's, Google search, yahoo search and lots of more useful gadgets and search engines. It is much faster than the original Microsoft Sidebar and uses 50%

Dexpot 1.6.10 Build 23
Dexpot you may have separate virtual desktops for different applications. One desktop might feature applications for graphic design, for example, and another might feature your business applications. Switch between virtual desktops in order to keep

Yodm 3D 1.4
Now you can use Yodm 3D program instead of DeskHedron because it consume little system resources. It is actually DeskSpace that is same like a virtual desktop.

Limages 1.0
Limages is a simple slideshow program that works directly on your desktop Limages is a simple slideshow program that works directly on your desktop.

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USB Monitor Professional (DMS)
You can accomplish following objectives by using handy software application USB Monitor Professional: it is handy for professionals because it lets them to monitor USB devices; you can use it for displaying as well as intercepting, analyzing, and.

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Copernic Meta 1.5
The quick and permanent access to powerful Web searching is provided to you by handy software Copernic Meta that is basically an add-in for Windows and Internet Explorer.

BumpTop 2.1
BumpTop is a desktop environment, simulating a real world desk, rendered in 3D high-quality graphics.

Aximion 2009.R2
The Aximion is the project developed to provide a 3D interface for Windows-like operation systems.

Yahoo Zimbra Desktop 7.1.4 Build 112
Yahoo! Zimbra is a windows Desktop client application that enables you to unite both email and calendar revolution. It also allows you to handle multiple email accounts in a single application such as Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo mail, Zimbra mail etc can

Wallpaper Tray 1.3
This program will manage your desktop wallpapers collection, and will give you a fresh new look for your desktop every time you look at it.

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StartIsBack 1.1
StartIsBack returns Windows 8 a real fully featured start menu and start button, behaving exactly like the ones in Windows 7.

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altdrag 0.8
AltDrag allows you to drag windows with the mouse when pressing the alt key. You can use the Middle or right mouse button to resize windows. If you press the shift key while you drag or resize, the window will stick to other windows. You can also

Launcher 3.6
Are You looking for an alternative to start Your favorite programs without having to use the Windows Start Menu .

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iLaunch for Pocket PC 1.0
iLaunch for Pocket PC is an application that look like the iPhone and it can do a few things that the iPhone cannot do.

Customize My Folders 1.0
If you want to change the color or icon of any folder of your own choice use Customize My Folders to do so.

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