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6 Differences

6 Differences
Submitted by: RM
Level 1:
The difference counter is in the stars. Differences: McDonalds Sign, The Moon,
Lights on Building to right of McDonalds Sign, Man’s Shirt, Spots on Tree,
Black Building Near Tree.
Level 2:
The difference counter is bright red on one of the buildings. Differences:
Rightmost Tall Building, Stripe Missing on Lower-Right Road, Large Building
second from right, street light on the near left part of the left road.
Click around below the difference counter, blue light, use hint for last one,
it’s hard.
Level 3:
The difference counter is the 3 digits.Differences:number 4, color of the
building on the left, the birds on top of the billboard, the O in wonder, the
railing on the billboard, and the letter E in event.
Level 4:
The difference counter is on the top right.Differences:the “i” in walk, the color
green is suppose to be red, the letter O in dont, the circle under the dont walk,
circle light on the left bottom, and on top of the pole.
Level 5:
The difference counter is on the top sign.Differences:the N on the top sign is
suppose to be S, AVE. on the next sign is suppose to be PRTL, One Way sign, the
shadow on the One Way Sign ,ME on the Stop sign, and the circle light bottom
Level 6:
The difference counter yellow sign.Difference: the sign below the counter, the
handicap sign, the sign on the left, the box below that is a different color,
the paint above the letter C, and the line on the sidewalk.