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102 Dalmatians - Puppies To The Rescue

Trap Jasper:
When Jasper starts chasing you, run - do not bark or fumble.
Run to the beehive that Fidget showed you. If you do this,
Jasper will get buzzed.
Trap Horace:
Find Horace near the blue steps in Piccadilly.
Open the manhole.
Then let the dog do all the work to trap Horace.
Defeating Cruella 1:
Shoot Pineapples and hit her five times to win. Note:
Power-ups such as the steak will be all around.
Finding Lucky:
Go behind the chair in the house and push on the wall.
Finding Rolly:
Enter the kitchen and look inside the cupboard.
Finding a bone:
Go to the cash register in the toy store level and
open it. A bone will appear.
Parrot ride:
If you get 100 bones on each level, Waddlesworth the parrot will give you a
When you have your bones, find a blue mark on the floor. He will ask if you
a ride. Answer “Yes”.
Television screen:
Go to the television in the living room in the De Ville Manor level. Bark or
into the television to see a hidden screen.